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Golftrade is one of India’s premier golf websites, in terms of being the largest and also the most comprehensive, giving an in depth knowledge and insight into all aspects of the game. It has been in existence now for over 10 years, and we can proudly say that in this short span of time we have gained the distinction of being the largest free golf classifieds site in India.
Every home has an old unused golf set gathering dust in a corner. You don’t want to just discard the valuable equipment but on the other hand you are lost as to what to do with it. Golftrade essentially solves this problem for you. Now you can upload your equipment on our website for a price you think it deserves. It’s a great option for those who you are just starting out in the game and don’t want to spend too much on equipment
Golftrade is a website where anyone ranging from a golf enthusiast to a pro golfer can receive all the information they need about the world of golf. It is an encyclopedia for golf where you can repair your equipment while browsing through the latest updates in the golfing world. Its prime feature is the classifieds section where you can upload your second hand golf equipment and sell it at a reasonable price.