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Saibaba Sevashram & Yoga Research

It was started in the year 2014 and the first free meal was distributed in Jan 2015. It is a registered charitable trust with an exemption under income tax section 80g.

The sevashram focuses on providing the following, for children below 15 years

  • Meals
  • Healthcare
  • Vocational Training – For children above 15 years

It's a charitable trust which helps to feed the poor. It also supports research on yoga cures. It's located on the banks of Hoogly river,south of Kolkata which is 42 km's from Tollygunge,between Diamond Harbour and Raichak.

Free blankets were distributed in Jan 2016 along with free meals distributed to the kids in January 2015. Children less than 15 years are being fed 2-3 times a week. A large hall, with an area of 1200 sq.ft.elevated fabricated structure with a kitchen and a toilet is built along with power backup (generator) and a deep tube well is constructed. The structure is fabricated as storm proof since the area is exposed to floods and cyclones. We are also providing basic healthcare services.

Medica hospital has volunteered for the same, we also conduct free yoga classes for children, conduct training focused for future help for children above 15 years to earn their livelihood. The kitchen provides food for up to 500 children and is also home for abundant and rescued dogs.

Shyamoli Bhalotia Trust

This trust was formed in 2010. It supports underprivileged, talented golfers who can’t afford to play the tour. The trust provides free coaching which pays off for their practice, provides them with golf equipment, clothing and shoes.  The trust also pays for their travel for tournaments, entry fees and education.

Juniors who are supported by this trust are Samaresh  Sardar( a professional golfer) , Tutul Ali won the all India junior and was sent to play world junior in San Diego , four years back.

Tutul finished in the top 30 in world juniors currently.

Seven juniors from Kolkata are supported by Shyamoli Bhalotia trust , they are all in top 10 respective categories in the eastern circuit. Suneet chourasia is India’s no.5 ranking in amateur’s. 

The trust currently supports Joysurja de, Suneet Chourasia, Soubhik Naik, Sandeep Yadav , Manish Rajak, Rajib Ali, Pinku Das. The trust also supports an NGO school called Basha where 10 children from the school come for a free golf sessions.

The trust has been sponsoring Muskaan Baby for golf and education for the past 8 yrs.

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