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  • Beginner's guide to choosing right shaft for your club

    Sayan Das - Apr 16, 2019

    If you are one of those who just got into this great sport then you got to know wbat is the right shaft you need to get for your irons and woods. Choosing the correct shaft impacts your distance, trajectory and accuracy. Shafts are made of graphite or ste..

  • How to keep yourself replenished during a round of golf- Tavleen Batra

    Tavleen Batra,Debashmita Majumdar - Mar 27, 2019

    A round of golf spans about 4 hrs and includes walking around the course. This indicates how much is  it important for the golfers to eat and drink properly during a round. Many people don't realize why their performance deteriorates in the last few hole..

  • Long game pre shot routine- by Tavleen Batra

    Tavleen Batra,Yashodhara Bhalotia - Mar 26, 2019

    A sound pre shot routine is essential for getting you in the right state of mind.It prepares you for the shot and helps you commit to your shot. It is effective in decluttering your mind and reduces errors. Following a pre shot routine is essentially a savior ..

  • How to improve your golf grip by Bharat Rajawat

    Bharat Rajawat - Feb 16, 2019

    A good grip is like the steering of a car. Just like steering decides which way the car will move, a grip decides which way the ball will fly. The grip is the most important stuff in golf because it is the only part of the body which stays in contact with the ..

  • Encounter the uneven lies - Uphill & Downhill lies

    Bharat Rajawat - Feb 13, 2019

    On the golf course hitting to the fairways does not mean that you will get to play from even or ideal lies. It is important to know how these lies behave and what adjustments you can make to save your strokes. Generally, at the driving range you don't find any..

  • How to play in windy condition from Bharat Rajawat

    Bharat Rajawat - Jan 22, 2019

    One of the common challenges on a golf course is playing against nature. Nature comprises many constituents which test your skill and ability on many occasion. One of those constituents of nature is windy conditions. In windy condition majorly your distance c..