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  • How to deal with Parents’ Expectations in sports?

    Nitika Jadega - Jul 18, 2017

    Every parent wants to see his or her child succeed in the every sphere of life. In order to contribute to their success, there are very generic questions that parents must honestly answer to themselves and even to the coaches. Such a communication will always ..

  • Rise and fall of Junior Golf

    Nitika Jadeja - Jun 28, 2017

    Golf is a unique treat that can be enjoyed at any age. Teach a child to play and they’ll have a foundation in place for decades of enjoyment, on & off the course and alongside friends and family. Golf awareness is at a high tide at the moment, especially..

  • Key factors to success in sports

    Tamasa Ghosh - Jun 22, 2017

    Like any other profession, sports also need dedication and commitment. Playing a sport can benefit a person in several ways. It does not only provide physical strength but also increases mental power. To get desirable results in sports one must have the follow..

  • Ideal Performance State for peak performance

    Indrajit Bhalotia - Dec 22, 2016

    Ideal performance state is a state of mind where an athlete performs to his potential. This state is something that is induced consciously through practice and effort. There are two sides to IPS.The Ideal Performance State in sports or Peak Performance for ath..

  • Attitude (Is Almost) Everything

    Pramit Maity - Dec 13, 2016

    The lines of demarcation in the mental game of golf are clear.You don't need to be a sports psychologist to recognize that some attitudes are productive and promote good play, while other attitudes are counterproductive and prohibit good play.Performance-enhan..

  • Choose your COLORS for a better game

    Pramit Maity - Dec 13, 2016

    One might find it hard to believe that choosing the right coloured shirt to wear , would influence the way you play your round of golf ! But have you ever wondered why Tiger Woods seems to prefer wearing a red shirt most of the time ? Is it simply a ritual or ..