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Aaryaveer Surana on what earned him the moniker 'Purana ' and more

Aaryaveer Surana,8,fancies pizza ,noodles and soft drinks over anything caught him on the sidelines of the skills league 2.2 and had a quick chat with the prodigy.

For how many years are you playing golf ?

This is my fourth year in golf.I started off when I was four.

How did you get introduced to golf ?

My mother got me admitted to the Protouch Golf Academy and once I joined here I just fell in love with the game and it has been four years since .

What do you want to become when you grow up ?

I want to become a golfer .

Tell us something, Why does everybody in the academy call you "Purana"?

(Laughing incessantly) Actually following my footsteps , my elder brother and sister also joined the academy and one by one both of them left it as well .Since I was the first one to join and last this long ,all the coaches and members of the academy started calling me "Purana"instead of Surana.

Apart from Golf which other sport do you like to play ?

I used to play chess but I left it because I found it boring and concentrated on golf which earned me four trophies in the span of four years .

Four Trophies ?

Yes,two skills league trophies,one monthly medal and another one was some amateur tournament where I came second.

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