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Know your players : C Muniyappa

Chinnaswamy Muniyappa has been in the mix of things in Indian golfing circuit for a very long time. Although the 42 year old Bengalurean is going through a drought ever since he won the dream of every Indian golfer the Indian Open in 2009, He looked as determined as ever when we caught up with him during Bengal Open 2019 in Tollygunge Club. He opens up with as we threw some rapid fire questions.

Q. What is your best finish in a tournament?
Muniyappa: I won the Indian Open in 2009.

Q. What is your lowest round ever in a golf course?
Muniyappa: As far as I can remember, I shot nine under 63 on three different courses; one was at Brunei Open, another two was in Classic Golf Rresort and Bombay Presidency Golf Club.

Q.Coming to something different, Who is your favourite actor?
Muniyappa: Rajnikanth.

Q.What is your favourite movie?
Muniyappa: It is Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, which still keeps inspiring me.

Q.Which is your favourite course?
Muniyappa:  It has to be Sentosa GC.

Q.Which is your favourite tournament?
Muniyappa: Everything that is non-vegeterian, I like all of them. And you ask me to name if particular dish, then it is Hyderabadi Biryani and anything my wife cooks.

Q.Do you believe in lucky charm?
Muniyappa: I dont believe in such thing.

Q.Do you follow or play any other sports beside golf?
Muniyappa: In my childhood, I used to play Gillidanda a lot. I love watching cricket.
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